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Archive for May 7th, 2006

TeachTown: Basics Ranking System

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

topbg.gifWhen you begin the TeachTown: Basics program, you are asked several questions about your child’s skills.  This ranking questionnaire is used to help place your child at their initial starting point in the curriculum.  Refer to my recent posting about Getting Started to get more information about how to use this initial ranking system.

learning-domains.jpgThe “ranks” refer to a developmental level with the curriculum for each domain.  For instance, a rank of 1-20 shows that your child is at the early learning stages for that particular domain (developmental age around 2-3 years), a child whose rank is between 121-160 is at the higher end of the curriculum for that domain (developmental age around 6-7 years).  There are 4 learning domains and your child may have very high rankings in one area and lower rankings in another.  The program automatically adjusts not only to your child’s performance but to their developmental rankings.  It “balances” the child’s skills by focusing first on the areas where the child needs the most help and then adding in the more advanced skills as the child catches up in other domains.  Version 1.1 or higher will let you see the entire curriculum and the rankings - note that these rankings are within developmental ranges and do not represent exact developmental “ages.”  At this very moment, our developers are working on new updates for the program that will allow for customizing your child’s program - this new feature will be available this summer.