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Archive for May 9th, 2006

IEP’s and TeachTown: Basics

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

School PictureIf you are interested in using the TeachTown: Basics program for a child in the school setting, you may need to include this in his or her IEP (Individualized Education Program).

Specific products can not be suggested in the IEP, but you can use the TeachTown: Basics curriculum (now available to view in Version 1.1 or higher) (if you do not yet have this version, please contact us ASAP). To find the curriculum, go to the main page (with lessons, etc.) and you will see a button that says “curriculum.” Push that button and you will see the entire curriculum. You can then see your child’s current mastered skills and determine goals for what you expect your child to learn from the TeachTown: Basics program in the upcoming months. I think the best strategy for writing new IEP goals is to have every member of the team (e.g. parent, teacher, behavioral consultant, speech pathologist, OT, etc.) write down their suggestions for goals and then have 1 person compile all the goals into IEP language (typically the teacher).

Adult ComputersClick on each skill and you will see a description of the lesson. You can use this description to write your IEP goals. We are currently working on writing suggested IEP goals for each lesson so watch out for that in the upcoming months - you will be able to copy & paste these goals into your IEP format!! For now though, you will have to write your own. Use your district’s guidelines for writing goals and the descriptions in the software should help facilitate writing new goals. As a parent, you can simply list the goals from the software program and take them to your teacher, who can assist you in putting the goals into appropriate IEP language.