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May 18th, 2006

Organization for Autism Research (OAR)

ip_logo.gifThe mission of OAR is putting research to work providing answers to questions for those confronted directly and indirectly by autism and funding research studies that investigate treatments, educational approaches, and statistical aspects of autism.  What I like about this organization is their dedication to funding applied research.  Applied research is science that directly applies to children with autism today!

The web site offers valuable information about autism and research and they will be hosting a conference in October, 2006.

pics005.jpgIf you are interested in helping this organization, I encourage you to do so and this kind of research is very important for children who currently have a diagnosis and to pave the way for children who may receive a diagnosis in the near future. 

The purpose of OAR is to raise autism awareness and fund applied autism research. Your charitable donation helps OAR in multiple ways:

  • $1 supports sending a Life Journey through Autism resource guide to a parent or teacher.
  • $25 provides 25 copies of A Parent’s Guide to Research sent to a community support group.
  • $100 provides a full scholarship to OAR’s Applied Autism Research and Intervention Conference.
  • $250 enables an autism expert to participate in OAR’s Autism Research Convocation.
  • $1,000 provides a research grant for a graduate student studying autism.
  • $30,000 fully underwrites an applied research pilot study.

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