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Podcast: Applied Behavior Analysis

Here is the podcast that I did with Michael Boll and Nicole Sparpani, MA (CCC-offline_activities1.jpgSLP) from Autism Podcast on the topic of Applied Behavior Analysis.  The different types of ABA are discussed as well as success stories and limitations.  We also discuss individualization of treatment and having flexibility in choices of treatment approaches.

Here are the books we mentioned in the interview:

Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism (Maurice, Green, & Luce)

Pivotal Response Treatments for Autism (Koegel & Koegel)

I also recommend:

Teaching Individuals with Developmental Delays (Lovaas)

Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers (Alberto & Troutman)

Communication Skills of Young Children (Hilton)

Right from the Start (Harris & Gill-Weiss)

TeachTown Podcast

teachtown.jpgHere is my TeachTown interview with Michael Boll of Autism Podcast.  We discuss the company, TeachTown: Basics, the TeachTown website, and the blog.  I am scheduled for another interview on ABA in the near future, I will post when it is done.


heroshot_ipod_white.jpgDo you own an IPOD or other MP3 player or do you use ITUNES on your computer? There are now many PODCASTS (i.e. reports or stories that you can listen to on your computer or IPOD) about autism.

Check out our new podcast, from an interview I did with Scott Ryan from Autism Speaks in May.V3020062.jpg

AutismOneRadio is a very good podcast to try out, I like this one a lot because it brings in researchers, professionals, and parents and is done in a very professional yet interesting way. There are several different perspectives and the interviews are done by different people so there is a lot of good variety.

53585.jpgAutism Tales is a good one because it is actually real stories from people with autism and other special needs (or their families or people who worked with them) read by Jonathon Singer.

Bartholomew Cubbins is an interesting one that is kind of like a blog that you can listen to, he expresses his opinions about different things going on in the world of autism.host_photo.jpg

Michael Boll, a father of a child with autism and a former teacher, does Autism Podcast which is pretty interesting. In this one, Michael Boll interviews various people associated with autism such as authors of books, etc. You can check out his website too where you can get all of the podcasts and more information: http://autismpodcast.org/

There are courses that you can purchase by well-known people in the field of autism at Autism Education Online. Courses are up to two and a half hours in length and cost $49.97. If you would like to take multiple courses, the cost for a package of three is $99.97 and a package price for 12 courses is $299.

J3089047.jpgAutism Today also offers audio courses for $24.95 each.

Also, if you are interested in watching online videos about autism, I found this interesting site, Autism TV, which provides links.

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